Remote control panel TX6

Panels TX6 can be used for remote controling of the matrix switchers and graphics systems TextusLogo, TextusAir. Device TX6, operating as matrix switcher controler, can either be as X (for controling only one output line) or as XY panel (for controling all matrix switcher). To control graphic systems, TX6panel 16x16 is used as one line (X) 32 buttons panel, with two function buttons (title, logo on/off). It is possible to use two switching modes – either simply pressing any source key or using TAKE button. Video and audio control can be seperated and in that case video and audio matrix switchers are used as layers. Switches on the rear panel provide selection of the output line (for X controling panels). No connection LED indicator is located on the front panel. Control panel interface as option can be RS232 (COM), USB or LAN.
Panels can be manfactured as:
                       - X (one line) 8+2 buttons
                       - XY 16+2 buttons
                                                                                                                                                     - X (one line) 16+2 buttons
                                                                                                                                                     - XY 32+2 buttons
Special customer marks for each key can be inserted under the cap. Front panel buttons are illuminated by back green light.

panel 8x8





Technical specifications
Interface: RS232 (COM), USB, LAN
No connection indicator: LED on the front panel
Power: ~ 220V, 5VA
Dimensions: 483x44x65mm (19", 1U)
Weight: 1,2kg





Price (VAT not included):
REMOTE CONTROL PANEL TX6 (34 buttons) for matrix switchers and character generator TEXTUS AIR - 640€
REMOTE CONTROL PANEL TX12 (18 buttons) for matrix switchers                                                         - 580€

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